Meet the blogger - Bree Kleintop

Very excited to announce I am now an ambassador of the amazing haircare line Fudge Urban! Here's my welcome//interview with them :) Xx

Bree Kleintop is a self described ‘Loving, Loyal, Gypsy’, surfer and model who’s perfectly filtered Insta-life has gained her an online following in the tens of thousands.  Bree learnt to ride the waves at just 6 years old and now her exquisite and bewitching board-moves have gained her a notoriety all over the world – although we think that part of her appeal must be the fact her hair always looks amazing and beyond compare! Since Bree uses Fudge Urban to keep her hair so supreme, we thought she’d make the perfect brand ambassador, so she sat us down on the sand to tell us some more about herself!

Where do you live? 

Mostly out my suitcase. Although I also have a cozy apartment in Southern California!

What does your typical day involve?

I usually wake up early around 7:30am; grab a coffee, some cut up fresh mango and head out to go check the waves and surf. If I don’t have a photo shoot to be on, I check out social media and see what the world is up to. Then my free time will involve a cute organic cafe with friends for lunch, surf again, do yoga or just relax around the house with my friends laughing & joking…

So when you’re finally sat down with a chance to eat, what’s your favourite dish? 

That is a hard one, I love all food but I guess I would have to go with Thai food, you can’t go wrong with any Thai dish, can you?

Outside of your Californian home, where’s your ideal place? 

I am a big fan of New Zealand; it has some of the most beautiful landscapes and waterfalls I have ever experienced. It almost feels as though it’s a land forgotten in time. Not to mention it has amazing waves and the people are incredibly warm and friendly! 

We have a feeling we know the answer to this! But what is your favourite sport?

My favourite sport would for sure be surfing & my favourite sports person would have to be a morph of Kelly Slater’s drive and sheer perfection, Steph Gilmore’s flare and spirit and Andy Iron’s style and heart all into one athlete.

What’s your favourite genre of music?

I grew up with parents that introduced me to all kinds of different genres of music so I appreciate everything but love anything with a strong back beat and heart. I listen to a lot of old rock and punk, and also newer Indie rock. Right now I’m listening to a lot of Johnny Cash, but when I want to get pumped up I blast Black Flag!

Tell us one thing people wouldn’t expect about you?

I am actually fully a klutz! I’m the girl who bumps her head getting into into the car and trips in front of everyone while trying to look smooth! I just put a big smile on my face and own it!

Lastly, what’s your favourite Fudge Urban product? 

I’m really smitten with the Sea Salt Spray, it allows me to keep my wavy beach hair when I’m done surfing throughout the day!