Breeology's Stay Fit Tip

Everyone always asks me how I stay fit & healthy?

Variety is key! When the waves were too big to paddle out this winter in Hawaii, I spent a lot of time exploring, hiking and practicing yoga. Ditch the car and tone up biking and walking everywhere!

Mentally, it's important to enjoy exercising so you don't get burned out and over it. Going for runs with great music and the beautiful surroundings along the bike path of the North Shore, breathing in the fresh air always kept me motivated.

I pick a point and try to run a little further everyday, at least 30 minutes is important to get your heart rate up. And it also feels good to have a super cute O'Neill 365 workout outfit on! 

I enjoy eating healthy and it made it especially easy while in Hawaii because there are so many amazing fruit trees to pull from! In the mornings, I cut up fresh mango and papaya from the trees outside my window and would eat that or top my yummy acai bowl with it. Eating clean helped cleanse the toxins out and boost my energy levels.


  • Half a papaya
  • Fill with Greek yogurt
  • Sweeten with a little honey or agave
  • Top with any sliced up fruit, pomegranate seeds & granola
  • So filling & healthy but tastes like dessert! 

I started practicing a lot of yoga while in Hawaii and using my own body weight in all the poses was a great toner! Not only did it give me a strong core, shoulders and legs, but it also distressed me and cleared my mind. I realized how huge those two things are in keeping a healthy lifestyle. I came out of every session sweating and smiling because my mind and body felt exercised and tired yet loose and relaxed. 

Don't get me wrong I love to splurge every once in a while, I'm addicted to Chik-Fil-A! But I try to make sure my intake matches my outtake…So on those cheat days I push my workout a little further and sweat a little extra! 

Hawaii is truly a spectacular place and exploring hiking trails in the mountains gave me the most surreal ocean views. It's the best kind of reward for the workout to run up there!

Wherever you may be and whatever exercise you may be doing…make sure to always find that one thing that is your reward for all your hard work. :)

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