End of the Day Thoughts

Writing…peculiar really. Reading…even more peculiar. Just a bunch of words that flow from our fingers for our eyes to absorb. Our minds constantly spinning with feelings, ideas, thoughts…life. Everyone has these things, everyone deals with life, so why can only a handful of people get them onto paper? Do the majority of people think their thoughts & feelings or ideas don't matter, don't deserve the time and energy from their day to get them out where they can see them and make sense of it all? It's such a release typing or scribbling away every word that your constantly buzzing mind is preoccupied with…Putting the thoughts & feelings down where they can't be lost or forgotten, but there for your eyes to see and your mind to hold onto. Writing…Reading…Hidden magic I like to think….Very few people in this world get to experience the enchantment…What a shame for the rest. Good night feelings. Good night thoughts. Good night mind. Xx